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Posted by on Mar 13, 2016 in 2016 Presidential Election, Donald Trump, Leadership, Leo Barron Hicks, politics, Progressive Think Tank, Public Policy | 4 comments

A Dark and Dangerous Place

We don’t know if he is ISIS? We don’t know who he is, but we know hes not acting like an American and cussing me and sticking his face in my head. He deserved it. The next time we see him, we might have to kill him.

This is what a 70-year-old Trump supporter John McGraw said after sucker punching protester Rakeem Jones in the face during a rally in North Carolina. The crime occurred without provocation, as Mr. Jones, surrounded by the police, was escorted up the stairs and out of the rally. As he passed, Mr. McGraw landed a hard right elbow to Mr. Jones face.

Yet, it was not Mr. McGraw who was arrested even though the punch was clearly seen by the police. He was instead permitted to return to his seat and the smile of a female companion who seemed pleased that as Mr. McGraw put it, he had knocked the hell out of that big loudmouth. It was Mr. Jones who was thrown to the ground and cuffed. Mr. McGraw was not arrested until after the video of the incident had been released. Amazing!

What is not surprising are the similar acts of violence that have occurred at other Trump events, e. g., a Trump supporter spitting in the face of a protester; a reporter being grabbed by the neck and body slammed to the ground; a man lying prostrate, surrounded and kicked by multiple Trump supporters one of whom yelled that he should be burned alive; Trumps security chief punching a protesters whose flag he had just stolen; a young black woman in Louisville, Kentucky who was pushed, shoved and called Nigger and c*nt by Trump supporters; a student protester in Miami who was dragged out of a rally by his collar; a Sikh protester who was pushed out of an Iowa rally; a man in Raleigh, N. C. who was forcefully shoved into a metal barrier; Brietbart reporter, Michelle Fields who was physically assaulted allegedly by Trump campaign manager, Cory Lewandowski and more. See

Trump insists that he does not inspire and incite violence. However, his own words reveal otherwise, e.g., if you hurt them I will pay your legal fees, that I promise; in the good ole days, he (protester), would be brought out of here on a stretcher; if someone is getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of him; its cold outside, confiscate his coat; Id like to punch someone in the face; the only reason we dont treat them (protesters), more roughly is because of political correctness; etc. His go to phrase when dealing with protesters is get em out and when a Black Lives Protester was kicked by his supporters at a Nevada event, Trump responded maybe he should have been roughed up?

We often post essays on the subject of hate in America. And we admit to going hard at Trump. Some might argue too much.

But Trump lies when he says that he has not incited violence. He has. He lies when he says no one has been injured by said violence. They have. And he lies when he promises that he will pay the legal expenses of those who heed his call. He will not. More importantly, he has opened the door into a dark and dangerous place.

There is a discernible racial and ethnic element to the Trump phenomena. Angry white Trump supporters see themselves as victims of demographic and cultural changes which offend them. Only they are real Americans. All others are suspect, if not terrorist, as reasoned by Mr. McGraw justifying his attack on Rakeem Jones. As such, they feel entitled to take back their country or to make America great again any way they see fit.

Their darkness is now being met by an equally angry opposing darkness which also claims the mantle of victimization and entitlement. Witness the recent ugliness in Chicago.

We have no doubt that there were some professional protesters at the event who were determined to disrupt the proceedings. And we make no excuses for their excesses and bad faith. Nonetheless, rather than blame thugs, which is dog whistle for blacks, Trump should instead look in the mirror.

There is a reason that violence has occurred only at Trump events. There is a reason the KKK has chosen Trump as their man. And there is a reason why a Trump supporter, wearing a Trump shirt, gave the Nazi salute at the Chicago event.

That reason is not her tortured explanation that mimicking those who supported Hitler disproves any comparisons between the two. The reason these acts of violence and intolerance occur at Trump events is Donald Trump and those who follow him.

More troubling is the fuse he has lit; the storm brewing just on the horizon. If there is a contested Republican convention and Trump does not win the Republican nomination, some of his supporters have already threatened violence.

And no matter who wins the next elections the divisions will remain. The forces which support Trump are not going anywhere. Should he not win the Presidency, they will become more embittered; more persuaded that they have been wronged. Hence, the darkness of fear and hatred will only spread, regardless of who wins the White House.

In conclusion, we cannot go back to open racial and ethnic hostilities. No good can come of intentionally tapping into fear and hatred, exacerbating already existing divisions and bringing to the surface a darkness that we thought had been buried long ago.


Leo Barron Hicks, Founder and CEO
Blackacre Policy Forum


  1. So sad, so true. It is amazing that Trump is the Republican’s front runner. Can you imagine a choice between Trump and Cruz. How sad can that be. I believe the party has lost so much direction, those who believe in the party desire a change from the establishment and Trump is their ruthless, angry, unkind, physical, and ugly. But the old republican establishment says they handled things more politically correct. If it resembles the past, we are talking racism, discrimination, inequality, justice, women rights, gay rights, and war. People get out and vote. Show the republicans that right now they all look like idiots. So sad, so true.

    • Thank you so very much for your comments.

  2. Fortunately(but not acceptable at all), these acts of violence are not isolated to the Trump campaign events, but are witnessed throughout our society in general. So this is not a Trump issue, but a societal issue in general that needs to be addressed. We see it at Dallas Cowboy football games where black security guards throw white men to the ground just for being a proponent of the opposing team. We see it at college football games where fans race onto the field and are blind-sided by security guards (of all colors/races) over-zealous to throw their weight/authority around at the expense of non-violent fans just having a good time and wanting to release their exuberance for the game/team – being a part of the action. And we see it in the city police forces and pubic school security forces across the country when they over-react to situations because of the lack of training, so that instead of diffusing situations, they exacerbate them (e.g. throwing young women to the ground e.g. black teens/adolescents, etc.). Is this something new, or has the media just focused on this lately and brought it to our attention of late? “Wicked is as wicked does” goes the age old proverb. The Bible says we should overcome evil with good.

    • Absolutely agree with you that the issue is larger than Trump. However, he is the current avatar regarding the appeal to and exploitation of hate at least on a political level.

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