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About Blackacre

Black acre #4Founded in 2012, the Blackacre Policy Forum, LLC (hereafter the Blackacre), is a progressive think tank. The role of the Blackacre is to construct dialogue concerning public policy issues and to offer insightful analysis, innovative strategies and bold solutions.

Blackacre’s ground breaking approach to public policy is based on the following innovations:

Innovation No. 1: Blackacre is a social media driven think tank without walls. Via social media, Blackacre’s reach, depth and breath are potentially endless.

Innovation No. 2: Blackacre democratizes the making of public policy. All too often the only voices that are heard are the select few who dominate thought and discussion. Blackacre expands and diversifies public policy debate and dialogue by providing the uncommon, common man with an effective communicative process, a policy platform and a public forum.

Innovation No. 3: Blackacre transcends ethnicity and political ideology. Blackacre realizes that humanity is not a question of race, ethnicity, gender, creed, political affiliation, national origin, money or fame. Humanity is instead a function of character, conduct, education, family, community and socio-economics. Thus, rather than dividing Americans, Blackacre unites people by focusing on socio-economics, shared values and common interests.

Innovation No. 4: Blackacre traverses research and development. Rather, Blackacre influences and shapes public policy by not only articulating public policy, but by testing and promoting viable programs and initiatives in real time, real world laboratories.

Innovation No. 5: Blackacre moves beyond the endless debate and discussion of old problems. Moreover, Blackacre does more than blame and complain. Blackacre is instead solution driven, on a relentless search for solutions, answers and remedies to the issues which confront us.

Vision Statement: Blackacre sees the world not as it is, but a world as it can be; a world as it should be.