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Making Peace with the Past

Posted by on 8:27 pm in About Blackacre, Blackacre, Forgiveness, Leadership, Leo Barron Hicks, Love, Motivation, Personal Motivation, Progressive policy, Public Disgrace, Reconciliation, Shame | 8 comments

  There are several steps to making peace with the past. First, whether completely innocent or mostly guilty take personal responsibility for your situation and own the damn thing. We are all required to take a sober assessment of our circumstances, recognize and experience genuine remorse for our misdeeds, make restitution to those we have harmed and atone for our transgressions. Second, embrace gratitude and acceptance. It is fit and proper to recognize our shortcomings. It is not appropriate however to let them defeat us. As long as we...

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“I Just Want This to be Over”, Compulsory Poverty and the Groveling Demand

Posted by on 7:48 pm in Blackacre, Charity, Forgiveness, hashtagdrunkjudge, Homelessness, Justice, Leadership, Leo Barron Hicks, Love, Poverty, Progressive Think Tank, Public Disgrace, Public Policy, Shame, social welfare | 0 comments

  These are the words of Rochester City Judge, Leticia Astacio. Recently sentenced to 60 days in jail plus 3 years-probation for violating the conditions of her 2016 DWI conviction, the Judge’s fall from grace is now complete. From this day forward she will forever be known as ‘hashtagdrukenjudge’. If Judge Astacio operated a vehicle while intoxicated and violated the rules of probation, she should be punished. However, carried to...

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The Tar of Disgrace, Never Forgotten and Never Forgiven

Posted by on 8:19 pm in About Blackacre, Forgiveness, Justice, Leo Barron Hicks, Love, Progressive policy, Progressive Think Tank, Public Disgrace, Public Policy, Shame, Think Tank | 2 comments

  “I felt like every layer of my skin and my identity was ripped off me … It’s a skinning of sorts. You feel incredibly raw and frightened. But I also feel like the shame sticks to you like tar.” These are the words of Monica Lewinsky, the former full-time intern and part-time courtesan of President Bill Clinton. Her role in the impeachment of Clinton was to have inappropriate sex, with the President, in the White House; a...

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The Case for Broken Vessels

Posted by on 4:21 pm in About Blackacre, Adversity, Forgiveness, Leo Barron Hicks, Love, Progressive Think Tank, Public Policy | 2 comments

We have all experienced public humiliation, communal scorn and social expulsion. Shame is a part of our shared humanity, an emotion which both separates and binds us. We realize that at times, public disdain and social isolation serves a legitimate purpose. There are some who are so detrimental to society as to warrant banishment. Adolf Hitler readily comes to mind. Moreover, some deeds are so repulsive as to cut against forgiveness. Consider for example child sexual abuse, public defecation or bestiality. The mere mention of such conduct...

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Crack vs. Opioids, the Arbitrary Nature of the War on Drugs and Social Rejection

Posted by on 3:09 pm in About Blackacre, Blackacre, Crack cocaine, crime, Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice System Reform, Forgiveness, incarceration, Justice, Leadership, Leo Barron Hicks, Opioids, politics, Poverty, Prison, Progressive policy, Progressive Think Tank, Progressives, Public Policy, Reconciliation, Shame, social welfare, Think Tank, Uncategorized | 6 comments

  Are we the only ones who see a problem here? Are we the only ones concerned with how some people who self-medicate to dull the pain of living are thrown in jail while others who do the same thing are deserving of sympathy and treatment? No quarter is given or compassion afforded to crack cocaine users. They are publicly tarred and feathered; scorned and criticized. Those caught selling and/or using the drug are summarily arrested, prosecuted and sent to prison. In fact, with the untimely death of college basketball star Len Bias, the...

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The Return of Blackacre

Posted by on 3:40 pm in 2016 Presidential Election, About Blackacre, Blackacre, Donald Trump, Leo Barron Hicks, politics, Progressive policy, Progressive Think Tank, Progressives, Public Policy, Uncategorized | 6 comments

  In case you hadn’t noticed we’ve been gone for a while. The reason for our hiatus is simple. We were not pleased with the direction we were taking. There is indeed a moral imperative to stand against evil. And we remain persuaded that the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is contrary to our best interest. Yet, in opposition to this clear and present danger, we lost sight of our true purpose. The focus on politics and the current commander-in-chief brought out the worst in us. Like too many others we had become too...

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An Ape in Heels, Bring on the Hate

Posted by on 10:36 pm in 2016 Presidential Election, About Blackacre, Ape in Heels, Blackacre, Donald Trump, Leadership, Leo Barron Hicks, Michelle Obama, politics, Progressive Think Tank, Race, Steve Bannon, The Alt-Right, Uncategorized | 0 comments

In response to last weeks post, President Dr. Frankenstein, a Wake-up Call, Ken, a loyal Blackacre follower wrote: I have read your latest posting with great interest and even greater empathy. I have voted in every national election since November, 1964. Never in my previous voting experience have I witnessed the ugly, embarrassing, spectacle that our country experienced for the better part of two years leading up to November 8. Regardless of the rational voter’s party affiliation, I believe he/she would agree with me that we have never...

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President Dr. Frankenstein, a Wake-Up Call

Posted by on 5:00 pm in 2016 Presidential Election, About Blackacre, Blackacre, Citzens United, Confederate Flag, Donald Trump, Immigration, Leadership, Leo Barron Hicks, Marriage Equality, politics, Progressive policy, Progressive Think Tank, social welfare, Think Tank, Uncategorized, Voter Restrictions | 0 comments

A friend of mine recently predicted that Trump will become one of our greatest Presidents. Maybe so. But as far as we are concerned the 2016 election was more than a disappointment. It was a nightmare; an unmitigated disaster. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that a man who routinely tweets inanities at 3:00 am. in the morning, who habitually cheats people out of their money, hires illegal aliens, demeans everyone and everything in sight, hides his tax returns, has paid no federal income taxes for two decades, is being sued for...

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All Americans Matter: My Side Politics and the 2016 Election

Posted by on 7:57 pm in 2016 Presidential Election, About Blackacre, Blackacre, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Immigration, Leadership, Leo Barron Hicks, Motivation, politics, Progressive Think Tank, Public Policy, social welfare, Voting | 4 comments

Alternatively called confirmation bias, anchoring, or the framing effect, my side bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor or recall information in a way that confirms one’s belief. It is also the tendency to give disproportionately less consideration to alternative possibilities. Where my side bias is concerned facts are irrelevant. What is important is that my beliefs are confirmed. All that matters is that my side wins. Consider for example this disaster of a Presidential election. One side has already predicted hell if it...

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God Got Jokes

Posted by on 7:43 pm in 2016 Presidential Election, Faith, Leo Barron Hicks, Personal Motivation, politics, Progressive Think Tank, Religion | 11 comments

Just when we thought that things couldn’t possibly get any worse, they do. We struggle to make sense of the election, truth, morality, politics as usual and the world in flux. Barely making it, scraping by at best, with mouths to feed and bills to pay, we need a change; a light at the end of the tunnel. We search for relief and wonder why a perfect God who could eliminate all pain and suffering with a mere thought, tolerates evil? The Shack, by Wm. Paul Young sheds light on the issue. After losing his young daughter to a demented serial...

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