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Lady Justice: “The Beast”

“She sits on a pedestal, inert. In one hand she holds the scales of justice, perfectly balanced. In the other she grasps a sword, broad, swift and terrible. Her skin is marble, cool to the touch. Her long metallic tunic is elegant and graceful, creating an air of class and sophistication. A blindfold covers her eyes, signifying the concept that justice is blind.

However, Lady Justice is far from sightless. For beneath the sterile blindfold her eyes are wide open. Her x-ray vision is 20-20. Her senses are hyper acute, enabling her to hear, smell, and sense her prey, no matter the distance.

Casting a long dark pall over all, using lures baited with $200 tennis shoes, cell phones, fried chicken and “crack”, converting entire communities into neo jungles, she hunts for fresh meat in the dark caverns of American cities. The names, faces, hopes and dreams of those consumed are of no concern. Possessing neither a soul nor feelings, food exists only to be digested and what little remains passed as waste.

Worse, she leaves nothing to chance. Her plan of attack is deliberate, orchestrated and coordinated. Her actions are practiced and perfected. Her determination is like tempered steel and her focus alone is sharp enough to draw blood. She has one objective and one objective only; to feed, to feast and her appetite is insatiable.

Devouring prey in one bite, with an orifice powerful enough to crush bedrock, she prowls concrete alleys for quarry so conditioned by its environment; so blind to its plight as to be completely unaware that it is being stalked. Quarry so lost that it almost begs to be consumed; prey so directionless that it literally runs towards rather than away from danger. Her victuals, more passive herd than wild game, are ripe for the taking.

This is Lady Justice, “the Beast”; a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Part lupine, part feline, all reptile, her maw is lined with row upon row of fangs wearing badges and robes, all seeped in venom. With nostrils flaring, her head swivels from side to side, anchored by a massive neck and broad shoulders. Muscles ripple and flex with every move she makes.

Consuming everything in its path, vying not for fairness, her namesake be damned, Lady Justice is a ravenous creature that can not be contained and will not be stopped. She is instead an eating machine that eats not to live but lives to eat. More troubling, she has developed a fondness for dark meat.”

From “The Cotton Chronicles, American Apartheid, Prison and the 21st Century Cotton Gin”, Dallas: L. Barron Hicks Publishers, 2007.

Leo Barron Hicks, Founder and CEO
Blackacre Policy Forum

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