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Posted by on Sep 24, 2017 in Blackacre, Colin Kaepernick, Donald Trump, Flag Protest, Leadership, Leo Barron Hicks, National Anthem, Nonviolent Resistance, Patriotism, politics, Professional Sports, Progressive Think Tank, Public Policy, Silent Protest | 10 comments


There are people in this world who simply are not happy unless they are mad. If there is peace they will cause conflict. If there is agreement, they will create chaos. If there is harmony they will reach into their bag of tricks and bring the drama; anything to start a fight. These are the shit starters and chief among them is President Donald J. Trump.

Leaving aside for the moment the issues of constitutionally protected free speech and whether kneeling in silent protest to social injustice during the playing of the national anthem is disrespectful of our nation, we understand those who believe that the flag and anthem should be venerated. This is a legitimate position to take.

However, the President represents all of us, not just some of us. He is the Commander in Chief, not the Divider in Chief.

Equally important, there are bigger fish for the President to fry than picking unnecessary fights with professional athletes. From climate change and natural disasters on the Gulf Coast, Caribbean and Mexico, to global terrorism and the treat from radical Jihad, to health care reform and the menace posed by North Korea, the world is at a tipping point. But instead of focusing on these real and material problems, the President panders to his base.

And in so doing he not only called for the firing of these athletes, he referred to them as “sons of bitches”. If this is how President Trump views not only the men in question, but their mothers as well, he might as well be a rapper.

In conclusion, we have not forgotten our promise not to obsess about the President. But does he always have to be so damn messy?


  1. In Rome (read European supposedly modernized civilized societies) when there were infrastructure issues, taxation problems, or a general restless less, the Caesars would initiate the games “coliseum/gladiators” or go to war to keep a “purpose” driven mentality or entertainment as a distraction.

    In America we have the “so called” divisive political environment, reality TV, Sitcoms, and the news.

    none of which serve a purpose, all of which are a distraction from actual growth, learning, self empowerment, fear mongering, etc.

    I think Trump knows what America is, its the “mob” (I took that from a good line in the movie Gladiator with Russel Crowe). In America, the Sheeple are easily distracted, easily misguided, and even when the truth is out there or in their face most Americans will believe what they are told and wont read a damn thing that’s not on the European Newspaper or TV show best seller list. I could start with Christianity and go all the way to the last election, I could give examples from monetary policy (very few Americans actually know how the banking systems work) to advertising (why is a woman’s breast or backside always center frame), but its pointless.

    People in America are arrogant and lazy, which makes them vulnerable and susceptible to anything that allows them to stay comfortable, whether that is mental or physical comfort. to have a 1%, you need a 99%, and they both have to be willing to do the necessary work to stay in their respective categories. One group does more, and plans more, and takes more risks. One has more emotional stability and a hunger for knowledge and its application. Which group do you think that is? The 1% or the 99%?

    I don’t hear the 1% complaining….

    • I agree with your Rome analogy. We are easily distracted by flash and show.

  2. In the words of former NBA star, Charles Barkley, “I don’t care about the stupid kneeling at NFL games.” Stupidity should be ignored and not brought to the forefront for national debate.

    • Interesting comment.

    • Actually, Charles Barkley said this about the Confederate statues. Charles was pretending that he didn’t care about them, however, his using the adjective “stupid” in conjuction with “statues” makes me believe he really does care about their removal and really does dishonor and disrespect those Confederate men who died so that America could be free from tyranny. Until blacks and those of other color (white, brown, yellow, red, etc.) start having a respectful conversation about their differences of opinion, then no real conversation can ever take place, and no real respect for one another will ever happen.

    • Reasonable people can disagree. I understand that slavery was not the only thing that divided the states. However, the South fought to dissolve the union. They fought to continue their own brand of tyranny against their fellow Americans.

      Is this not akin to Nazi’s fighting for the right to exterminate Jews? Would such extermination be acceptable as a preservation of the German culture? Could they be reasonably heard to say that they were the victims of tyranny because they world put an end to the Holocaust?

    • Why would anyone protect/defend a United States whose president and military attempted to drive out the native american SEMINOLE indians (and fugitive black slaves who inbred with them) from Florida, by force, as an act of imperialism “land grabbing”, and when it looked like the war was lost (lost by the U.S. military), then go on to, in an act of desperation, digracefully capture the SEMINOLE resistance leader, under white flag of truce, to end the conflict – which had cost American taxpayers billions of dollars in today’s money. This same kind of tyranny (in the person of Abe Lincoln) is what the Confederates fought against. Robert E. Lee never thought he would live to see the day that a U.S. president would raise an army to invade his own country.

    • Point well taken. Please know however that we do not defend what Lincoln did to the Seminoles. Wrong is wrong no matter who does it, regardless the reason.

  3. While I believe free speech is at the heart of this issue, it is an easy one. Everyone in this country has the right to stand up against injustice. You are correct in both aspects that there are bigger fish to fry and his comments not only about these men but their mothers. We are dangling on a precipice that no one wants to talk about and all Trump does is stir the waters. His poison has no place – ever. The answer is no, it does not have to be this messy. Five NFL owners contributed $1m apiece to his campaign. Just shows what you can do when you can throw money around. These athletes make a lot of money off the common people, but the issue is much bigger than all of that. I may not like what they are doing, but I’ll fight to the death for their right to do it. Question is – would they do that for me?

    • I don’t know if they would do the same for you or me. Maybe not, probably not. But Trump is a hot mess.

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