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products-servicesBlackacre offers two options for change; intellectual content and professional services. Onlineshop ButtonThe intellectual content provides information, insight and a platform to discuss change, motivating individuals to create better lives and enables society build better communities. Content includes: • Scholarly research and studies • Detailed comprehensive reports • Public policy review, analysis and evaluation • Public policy and program development • Education and training • Consulting/technical assistance • Strategic planning • Workshops/seminars/webinars/discussion groups • Discussion forums • Information technology • Innovative ideas, piercing insight, unique perspectives and practical strategies and solutions to the social, political and economic issues facing America. Policy centers will include: • Crime and Justice in America • Politics and Legislation • Socio-Economics • Education and Training • Children and Families • Jobs, Employment and Workforce Development • Economic and Community Development • Institutional and Leadership Development • Society and Culture • Corporate Responsibility