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Posted by on Jul 19, 2017 in About Blackacre, Adversity, Forgiveness, Leo Barron Hicks, Love, Progressive Think Tank, Public Policy | 2 comments

The Case for Broken Vessels

We have all experienced public humiliation, communal scorn and social expulsion. Shame is a part of our shared humanity, an emotion which both separates and binds us.

We realize that at times, public disdain and social isolation serves a legitimate purpose. There are some who are so detrimental to society as to warrant banishment. Adolf Hitler readily comes to mind.

Moreover, some deeds are so repulsive as to cut against forgiveness. Consider for example child sexual abuse, public defecation or bestiality. The mere mention of such conduct makes us cringe.

Nonetheless, the shame that never ends is not only injurious to those socially scorned, but to those who never forgive as well.  Society is therefore better served by developing a process for forgiving, redeeming and reconciling with all but the worst of us. The bottom line is that we are all broken vessels.

We will therefore explore the topic of public dishonor including the infamy of criminal conviction, revenge porn, social media defamation, the collateral damage of public shame and the immorality of never forgiving. We will also analyze how public dishonor is often unfair, unwarranted and how one mistake, one bad moment can forever haunt us. Finally, we shall offer policy recommendations and strategies for redeeming those who have fallen from grace.

In so doing we hope to make a persuasive case for public forgiveness and reconciliation. And as always, we invite you, the Blackacre family to follow us on this journey and to offer your own stories of shame, redemption and reconciliation.

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