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Children of Hate

Two men, miles apart sit alone in their rooms, vastly different yet eerily similar. One is clad in cowboy boots and western wear, with cigarettes butts, empty beer cans and meth pipes within arms reach. The other prefers loose jeans and sneakers, courtesy of for us by us, a half smoked blunt dangling from parched lips. With eyes glued to the TV set, they witness the same event, yet another ugly encounter between the police and a minority.

The Cowboy’s mind drifts to the ambush and murder of eight police officers by two black men, five in Dallas and three in Louisiana. Hip Hop pictures the death of Eric Gardner as he struggles for breath under the weight of five white police officers, all for selling loose cigarettes.

Each is persuaded that they are the victim of the other, the source of all evil. Each feels justified in hating their opposite, devils that they are. Nurtured by malice and all too comfortable in their outrage, these are the children of hate. And whether by bomb or bullet, vehicle or blade, they are determined to maim and kill, regardless the guilt or innocence of their victims.

Polishing his AK-15 and seeing only criminality and disrespect for law and order, the Cowboy laments, dumb ass n—-rs. The next time you’re in trouble, call a crack head you f?king animals. I can’t wait till we build the wall and prevent you and your welfare/wetback friends from destroying our country. And God forgive any who stand in my way.

Racist ass crackers the Brotha retorts, equally filed with rage. Dirty cops always killing black people and getting away with it. You won’t give me a job but you will shoot me down like a dog. Well I got a gun too bitches and I’m done taking your shit. If you won’t change the system, then I’ll keep killing cops until you do. I bet you listen then, you racist bastards.

Hating is so easy for these and other children of hate. It requires no thought or reflection and all is so simple. The only requirement is to hate. Thus, its appeal.

However, violence and the hostility takes an equal toll on us all; the hater as well as the hated. It been a constant bombardment for officers, said Darrell Basco, the chief of Police in Pineville, LA and President of the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police. It’s like they don’t get a break, whether from good news or bad news. And right now, its been a lot of bad news. See

Urban communities suffer the same burn out. Living for the city is a daily and deadly grind. This stark and depressing reality explains in large part the conflict between the police and minority community.

Like their law enforcement counterparts, inner city residents have witnessed and endured the very worst in humanity. The resulting individual and collective post traumatic stress disorder has yet to be diagnosed much less treated. But unlike law enforcement, there are few psychological/emotional recovery and/or treatment options available to poor communities.

Accepting the basic humanity of both the police and the minority community would be a step in the right direction. Yes, black lives matters but no more so than those of police officers and their families. And while they sometimes engage in monstrous behavior, both are still human.

In addition, ours is a co-dependent relationship. Neither the police nor the minority community can long survive without the other.

The unnecessary killing of anyone for a minor offense or for being insufficiently deferential to law enforcement is unacceptable. However, the targeting of police officers is not the answer. Despite our legitimate concerns about the criminal justice system, regardless our distress over the deadly interactions between law enforcement and the minority community, notwithstanding centuries of bondage and oppression, the intentional assassination of our men and women in blue benefits no one.

It is instead a public relations nightmare, lending credibility to those who believe Black Lives Matters to be a terrorist organization. So too does the image of a three-year old black child walking up to a police car and giving the finger to the officer therein, an incident that was reportedly filmed and uploaded to YouTube by his less than role model father.

The murders of the five officers in Dallas will not bring back Michael Brown. The ambush of three officers in Louisiana will not revive Freddie Gray. The targeting of police officers will not make up for centuries of racial hatred and oppression or change the system. The unjustified killing of an African-American anywhere in America does not justify the assassination of a single police officer anywhere in America. It instead spreads hate like a farmer spreading manure on an already feces laden pasture.

It should therefore come as no surprise, that in retaliation for the murder of Dallas police officers, some white male is planning to kill as many African-Americans as he can. And some African-American is plotting to kill a white officer to avenge some equal outrage. Worse, they will be joined by their counterparts in Nice and Paris, France, Orlando, Florida, Munich Germany, or Istanbul, Turkey. And for each of these products of hate someone will retaliate with even more hate, to be followed by the next act of rage without end.

In conclusion, the world is indeed a deadly place. And we must do all that we can to protect the innocent. Terrorist and murderers should not be treated with kid gloves.

However, the cycle of rage will never end absent that which is greater than hate, i.e., love, forgiveness and reconciliation. Otherwise the children of hate cannot help but prevail.


Leo Barron Hicks, Founder and CE
Blackacre Policy Forum


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  2. One minor technical detail. Eric Garner died from a respiratory problem he suffered while resisting lawful arrest for selling loose cigarettes. Resisting that arrest is a separate offense, and is the offense that led to his demise.

    • He was unlawfully selling loose cigarettes. And he had been told not to do so multiple times before. Still the respiratory failure was caused by the violence of the arrest which was not commensurate with the offense.

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