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Posted by on Jul 9, 2017 in 2016 Presidential Election, About Blackacre, Blackacre, Donald Trump, Leo Barron Hicks, politics, Progressive policy, Progressive Think Tank, Progressives, Public Policy, Uncategorized | 6 comments

The Return of Blackacre


In case you hadn’t noticed we’ve been gone for a while. The reason for our hiatus is simple. We were not pleased with the direction we were taking.

There is indeed a moral imperative to stand against evil. And we remain persuaded that the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is contrary to our best interest. Yet, in opposition to this clear and present danger, we lost sight of our true purpose.

The focus on politics and the current commander-in-chief brought out the worst in us. Like too many others we had become too negative, too strident, too political and too polarizing. All we did was rant and rave at the sacrifice of our own credibility and objectivity.

With little left to say, and so caught up in our own beliefs and opinions; our own bubble; our own bullshit, we had grown predictable, boring and boorish. Our sin was not articulating what we were against. We did so with great alacrity. We instead failed to state what we were for.

Bashing anyone even if arguably they deserve it is not our way. It is neither our mission nor who we choose to be. So we had to stop, take a deep breath and reassess our path.

We deeply care about bridging the racial, ethnic and cultural divide, economic and community development, developing our workforce and redeeming the broken vessels among us. We have therefore rededicated ourselves to bringing people together and offering solutions to the problems that divide us.

So Blackacre is back, this time better than ever. Lucky us.




  1. Leo, with all the Liberal bashing riding the radio waves the past 8 years it is no wonder that those outspoken (such as yourself) about the Liberal and/or Democratic agenda(s) have initially fallen into that same trap after the Conservatives and/or Republicans took over.
    But you Leo are wise enough to recognize that trap, and… not join their ranks, nor retreat (as their opposition), but redeploy, to face the “enemy” (i.e. the idealogical enemy) on a ground of your own choosing.

    • Thanks Eric. But I don’t consider myself that wise.

  2. Thanks Leo. Looking forward to the dialogue my brother. I appreciate different perspectives and more importantly I believe challenges what one stands for. Thus critical information evokes and keeps my thoughts dynamic and not static.

    • You are so welcome.

  3. Thanks Leo. It’s never a bad idea to catch your breath, step back, reassess and refocus to give yourself a chance to return to your true path you’ve chosen to follow. With all the nonsense and dogma we’ve been hearing from DC it’s so easy to stray from your original purpose. I’m looking forward to your upcoming thoughts and words.

    • Thank you so much. How is your tennis game?

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